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Assassin 1/12 Action Figure
Assassin 1/12 Action Figure from Snail Shell! [Set Contents]:  Main figure Human head with fully movable eyeballs Angry face part Embarrassed face part Interchangeable hands (x4 sets) Grapple launcher set Ripper dagger with sheath Base with storage compartment Material: PVC,...
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BEE-04R Argidae Girl Ruririn 1/12 Action Figure
BEE-04R ARGIDAE GIRL Ruririn 1/12 Action Figure will be released by Snail Shell! Material: PVC, ABS, POM Approximately 165mm in height.
$164.99 $148.88
Bunny Girl Irene 1/12 Action Figure
Wouldn't you like to play with the sexy and sweet Bunny Girl Aileen? <3 Key Features: This cute but dangerous bunny comes with two types of face parts, both featuring fully movable eyeballs for expressive posing. She also includes five...
$59.99 $58.88
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Cyclone Bunny & Gear Set 1/12 Action Figure
GO! Shine brightly with the Cyclone Bunny-Go (in fluorescent colors)! Key Features: The bike's color scheme, when paired with the "Bunny Girl Aileen (sold separately)," combines gentle pink with powerful red accents. Two Bunny Scimitars are included, allowing you to sheath...
$37.99 $36.88
EveD Series AMBRA-02 (Assault Cat) AMBRA 1/12 Action Figure
EveD Series AMBRA-02 (Assault Cat) AMBRA 1/12 Action Figure from Snail Shell! [Set Contents]: Main figure Interchangeable bangs part Interchangeable face parts (x3) Mini tool for changing eyes Interchangeable hands (relaxed x1 pair, fists x1 pair, hammer-holding x1 pair, firearm-holding...
$111.99 $99.88
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Front Armor Girl Victoria 1/12 Action Figure
Meet Victoria, also known as the "Front Armor Girl," with an unprecedented 1000% defensive power and overflowing confidence! She dashes through the battlefield in her powerful armor, and transforms into an elegant lingerie-clad beauty the moment she returns to her...
$179.99 $165.88
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Phantom Devil Machine Series Phantom 001 Hotaru Reverse Change Set 1/12 Scale Action Figure
SNAIL SHELL PHANTOM DEVIL MACHINE SERIES Phantom 001 HOTARU REVERSE CHANGE SET 1/12 Scale Action Figure from SNAIL SHELL! Including: Figure body (normal mode) *1Figure body (battle mode) *1Optional back hair parts *1Optional front hair parts *5Optional face parts *5...
$229.99 $206.88
Pumpkin Princess 1/12 Action Figure
Say hello to Snail Shell's original character, the Pumpkin Princess! This fully posable figure comes with five interchangeable faces, all of which can have their line of sight changed with the included special tool; she has a mask too, which...
$159.99 $145.88
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Punishing: Gray Raven Rosetta: Rigor 1/12 Action Figure
Popular maker Snail Shell brings us a 1/12 scale action figure of Rosetta: Rigor from "Punishing: Gray Raven"! Experience the thrill of the game with their high-quality product, specially crafted for collectors and enthusiasts. The main body can transform from...
$260.00 $233.88
RPG-01 Succubus Lustia 1/12 Action Figure
Snail Shell debuts "Ore's Adventure in Another World," their new action figure series with a fantasy RPG-like worldview, with Succubus-Lustia! Lustia is an incredibly posable 1/12-scale action figure, ready to make your dreams come true! She comes with two interchangeable...
$83.99 $78.88
RPG-02 Sister-Muse Asdo 1/12 Action Figure
The newest member of Snail Shell's original action figure series "My Otherworldly Adventure" is Sister-Muse Asdo! She comes with two interchangeable faces -- a melancholy expression and a prayerful face; the melancholy face features a fully movable eyeball gimmick, and...
$89.99 $78.88
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Sand House Saori 1/12 Action Figure
Saori from Snail Shell's original series "Sand House" is now an amazing action figure! She's typically a calm, responsible girl who cleans up after her big sister Shikura (Sold Separately), but when the two sisters fight, her temper can sometimes...
$164.99 $158.88
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Sand House Shikura 1/12 Action Figure
Shikura from Snail Shell's original series "Sand House" is now an amazing action figure! Her weapons are the Kitetsu hands, each with five independently movable fingers! Her chest is made of silicone material for a realistic feeling, and her head...
$159.99 $153.88
Sister-Muse Asdo Foot Parts Set
Snail Shell brings us a fun accessory part for their gorgeous 1/12-scale Sister-Muse Asdo action figure -- a set of four pairs of interchangeable feet! They're carefully sculptd and painted, with subtle differences in gesture that will make Asdo even more irresistible!...
$19.99 $18.88
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The Girl in the Box 1/7 Scale Figure
Introducing the original "Girl in the Box" 1/7 Scale Figure by Snail Shell! This exquisite item offers an ultimate experience in layered color shifts and textures. Adorned with a pearlescent paint, the clothing on this figure shimmers in a rainbow...
$157.99 $142.88
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