S.H.MonsterArts Skar King from Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
From "GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE", SKAR KING joins S.H.MonsterArts! A complete scuplt was made using the materials from the film!  The wide range of articulation allows this figure to be posed in a manner fitting of the SKAR...
$100.00 $93.88
14th villager Mama Tiana 1/6 Scale Figure
14th villager Mama Tiana will be released by Vertex! Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale figure with stand included. Approximately 320mm in height. 18+ item!
$419.99 $378.88
Mousou Tights.43: Suzu-chan 1/6 Scale Figure
"Shhh! Don't overreact ♥ or the teacher will find out!" Introducing "Mousou Tights.43": Suzu-chan, an original character drawn by Hyouuma!   HOTVENUS presents an original character drawn by popular illustrator Hyouuma, "Mousou Tights.43": Suzu-chan is now available in 1/6 scale figure!!...
$229.99 $203.88
Hatsune Miku: Beauty Looking Back Miku Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure
From the "Dancing Haniwa & Beauty Looking Back Repair Project" comes a scale figure of the Beauty Looking Back Miku! From the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties' "Dancing Haniwa & Beauty Looking Back Repair Project"* comes a...
$189.99 $168.88
Albedo: Black Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Albedo is coming to your castle in a black bunny style this time! From the popular series "OVERLORD" comes a figure of Albedo in a black bunny outfit! The figure is an impressive 1/4 scale and features real net tights...
$373.99 $338.88
Yukikaze Mizuki Bunny Ver. 2nd 1/4 Scale Figure
Fledgling Taimanin, Yukikaze Mizuki, is back with tights in 1/4 scale! From the popular adult game Taimanin series, donning the moniker "Lightning Taimanin",Yukikaze Mizuki, in a bunny suit has been specially prepared as a big scaled figure. Yuki's mesmerizing eyes...
$329.99 $293.88
ARTFX J Kikoru Shinomiya 1/8 Scale Figure
Kikoru Shinomiya joins the lineup in 1/8 scale! From the anime KAIJU NO. 8, Kikoru Shinomiya comes to life standing gallantly with her signature weapon over her shoulder. Her suit has been carefully sculpted, allowing fans to enjoy the atmosphere...
$129.99 $118.88
Variable Action Heroes ONE PIECE Nami (3rd-Run)
Nami of the Straw Hat Pirates is back in the Variable Action Heroes series by popular demand! This 165 cm tall figure features highly articulated joints to create all sorts of action-packed poses! A variety of situations can be captured...
$79.99 $78.88
Portrait.Of.Pirates (POP) “WA-MAXIMUM” Kaido the Beast (Super Limited Re-Run)
For the 20th anniversary of the series, we conducted the P.O.P. MAXIMUM resale request survey, and the top request by far was none other than Kaido of the Beasts, so here he is, once again! Said to be the strongest...
$499.99 $448.88
DX Soul of Chogokin Mechagodzilla 1974
Built-in LED and audio IC in a superalloy body with a total height of 270mm. The dorsal fins lined up in a row act as activation switches, and when the power is turned on, it will appear and both eyes...
$360.00 $328.88
Chogokin Rubik's Cube Robo
A collaboration between superalloy and Rubik's cube, both born in 1974! The Rubik's Cube becomes a superalloy and transforms into a robot!  [Set Contents] Body, pedestal Approximately 5.7" in height.   
$90.00 $88.88
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PROPLICA The Legend of Zelda Master Sword
The Legend of Zelda Master Sword" is now available on PROPLICA. Total length approximately 105cm. Contains SE related to the Master Sword and songs from the "Legend of Zelda" series. It also has a built-in vibration gimmick. [Set Contents] Body,...
$200.00 $188.88
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto Tomie 1/6 Scale Figure
From Kotobukiya. Renowned horror manga artist Junji Ito's iconic creation, "Tomie," steps off the page and into reality with a collaboration statue brought to life by Mamegyorai (Ampus, Inc). Under Ito's meticulous supervision, sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto crafts a prototype and...
$239.99 $215.88
S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2016) The Fourth Orthochromatic Ver.
A monochrome version of Godzilla [2016] approaches to represent the black and white remake of "Shin Godzilla", the film "Shin Godzilla: ORTHO"!   Using the 3D data from the film, this figure was sculpted and colored by the designer Takayuki...
$150.00 $135.88
Narberal Gamma: Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Narberal Gamma in a bunny outfit is on her way to your castle! From the popular series "OVERLORD" comes a bunny girl figure of Narberal Gamma! The figure is an impressive 1/4 scale and features real net tights for a...
$339.99 $308.88
Mio 1/7 Scale Figure
The long-awaited scale figure of the off-seer of Agnus From the Nintendo Switch game "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" comes a scale figure of Mio! The dynamic figure was based on an original illustration drawn by Masatsugu Saito, the character designer of...
$119.99 $108.88
PLAMATEA Guts: Berserker Armor Ver.
Assemble the Berserker with your own hands. From the plastic model series "PLAMATEA" jointly developed by Max Factory and Good Smile Company comes a plastic model of Guts, the protagonist of the manga "Berserk", in his Beast of Darkness form...
$59.99 $58.88
Hong Long 1/4 Scale Figure
Mataro-produced, Bunny with a Chinese flair, "Hong Long" is here! "Hong Long," a character created by the popular illustrator Mataro, descends with a salacious pose. Her eye-catching hips and bust are packed with volume that can only be matched in...
$329.99 $298.88
RPG-01 Succubus Lustia 1/12 Action Figure
Snail Shell debuts "Ore's Adventure in Another World," their new action figure series with a fantasy RPG-like worldview, with Succubus-Lustia! Lustia is an incredibly posable 1/12-scale action figure, ready to make your dreams come true! She comes with two interchangeable...
$83.99 $78.88
Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Yuffie Kisaragi
Yuffie Kisaragi, a member of Wutai's elite corps of ninja operatives  in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, joins the PLAY ARTS KAI lineup with a brand-new look!  Familiar elements from her look in the original FINAL FANTASY VII, including her headband,...
$179.99 $153.88
Guts 1/8 Scale Figure
From Berserk comes Guts (1/8th scale statue) released by Kitsune Statue! Painted PVC 1/8 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 260mm in height. 
$249.99 $238.88
Sophia F. Shirring: Bunny Ver. 2nd 1/4 Scale Figure
Nadare Takamine's original net tights bunny in 1/4 scale! From illustrator Nadare Takamine’s original work "BUNNY SUIT PLANNING" comes a 1/4 scale figure of Sophia F. Shirring! The large and dynamic scale figure features Sophia in an alluring bunny suit...
$349.99 $318.88
Nendoroid Racing Miku: 2024 Ver.
A Nendoroid of the official character of the 2024 Hatsune Miku GT Project! The official character of the 2024 Hatsune Miku GT Project, Racing Miku, is joining the Nendoroid series! This year's design is by illustrator Mogumo. Face plates:· Smiling...
$69.99 $68.88
Nendoroid Kikoru Shinomiya
"No comrade will be dying on my watch." From the anime "Kaiju No. 8" comes a Nendoroid of Kikoru Shinomiya! Face plates:· Competitive face· Comical face· Battle face Optional parts:· Personal weapon· Defense Force mask· Other optional parts for different...
$49.99 $48.88
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