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Ayaka Hinamori 1/6 Scale Figure
From Michiking's original work, Ayaka Hinamori Nee-san from "Seikatsu Shuukan" is here! Ayaka Hinamori, one of the 3 sisters from the very popular story of writer Michiking has been made into a figure. Enjoy the amorous Ayaka Nee-san with the...
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Devilish Girl Rumiru 1/6 Scale Figure
Original illustration by Mataro, we present you "Devilish Girl Rumiru"!  Rumiru was featured in "Uraguchi Senbatsu". The thin book was published in Air Comiket 98. "Stop staring at me like that... Is my appearance.. that uncommon?" "I-I'm not i-interested in...
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Eviltia 1/7 Scale Figure
Kuuki Sato's original transforming heroine 『Eviltia』has arrived! Watch as she transforms from the innocent Puretia to the wild and exotic Eviltia! Her costume design is the groundbreaking result of a rare fantasy... the more you look at her, the more...
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Gal Bunny 1/6 Scale Figure
Presenting MATARO's Original for his 100th Chapter Commemorative Illustration, "Gal Bunny"! The illustration for this figure was a commemorative illustration that was available on MATARO's pixivFANBOX, "MANBOX", which supports our overlord MATARO. Patreons of MANBOX were able to receive an...
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Jidori Shoujo (Selfie Girl) 1/6 Scale Figure
Introducing the original illustration "Selfie Girl" by Daiki Kase! Daiki Kase-sensei, a very popular illustrator specializing in innocent bishoujos, Introduces an original character, "Selfie Girl," in a 1/6 scale figure!! Relish in this petite lady who secretly enjoys taking selfies...
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Sinful Saint, Sister Aisha 1/6 Scale Figure
Original Illustration By Mataro, "Sinful Saint, Sister Aisha" Is Here to Bless You! Contrary to her loving and beautiful smile, the erotic and sinful saint has become a figure. Luxuriously, Sister Aisha comes with R18 body parts for her depraved...
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St. Maid Chris 1/6 Scale Figure
From Dakimakura Cover to Scale Figure Canonization. St. Maid Chris by Mataro is Here! "This is a venerable revered attire. Is there a problem?" "Is this pious outfit so unusual?" "I'd like you to move out of the way, so...
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Sumire Hush-hush Cocktail Ver. 1/6 Scale Figure
Senri Gan's Original "Bunnystein Fantasy" Series Has Started! A character from the fictional MMORPG project "Bunnystein Fantasy" by Senri GAN, Sumire-san appears at the bar in a Cheongsam cosplay. Her erotic face amd breast parts are interchangeable. Please take care...
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