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5Pro Studio CARBOTIX Series Voltron
Introducing the VOLTRON, a new CARBOTIX series that Blitzway has ambitiously prepared. In order to perfectly reproduce the Voltron that appears in the anime, Blitzway carefully analyzed the five lions. Free-moving joints that could reproduce their dynamic poses in the...
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5Pro Studio Legend Anime Doronjo 1/4 Scale Statue
Introducing the statue of Doronjo, the charming villain of the popular anime television series, Yattaman.Although an anime character, Doronjo's elegance and charisma as a villain are reinterpreted from a modern perspective by the Blitzway R&D Team. The unique shape of...
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CARBOTIX Series Black Getter
'Following the legacy of the highly regarded "Getter Robo-1" with its exceptional quality, completeness, and engaging gimmicks, we now present the Black Getter, which has been developed with added die-cast content for increased durability and intricate details. The intense appearance of...
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CARBOTIX Series Boss Borot
'Blitzway development team has prepared a gift that will surprise you, in honor of Mazinger Z, the originator of modern robot cartoons. We recall the humorous BOSS BOROT from the animated series Mazinger Z, whose subject matter was always heavy...
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CARBOTIX Series Mazinkaiser
'Blitzway is proudly presenting a Mazinkaiser action figure to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mazinger Z animation, the legendary first mecha robot piloted by a user from within a cockpit. Mazinkaiser, debuted in the Super Robot Wars F game,...
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White Ghost 1/6 Scale Action Figure
BLITZWAY is extremely thrilled to officially launch the #4 character of BHEADworks’ original design figures ‘White Ghost’ from ‘HUNTERS: Day After WWIII.’ This newly developed original design features an intricate head sculpt and make-up, realistic equipment, sophisticatedly tailored and designed...
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