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-Mimia- 1/4 Scale Figure
Entry for the latest Sailor Bunny designed by Mana Kakkowarai! Let us introduce Mana Kakkowarai's original illustration "Mimia" reproduced as a scale figure! Donning a ponytail, ever-energetic Mimia adores accessories especially heart-shaped ones. Exquisite fondness to color pink is quite...
$429.99 $388.88
-Rio-:Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Energetic and in heat♡ The Kuro Gal Bunny -Rio- is back! Rio, a character drawn by the very popular illustrator Mataro, is back but this time with her bare legs. Rio is a black bunny with a striking black purple...
$269.99 $243.88
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Aika Kango 1/4 Scale Figure
「It's time for check-up! ♡ Let's do things together♡」 This nurse bunny is the original design of the popular artist Suihei Sen and has been elaborately transformed into a three-dimensional figure! Wearing her nurse costume, Aika is grinning as she...
$362.99 $338.88
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Aina Bunny Version 1/4 Scale Figure
Original Bunny Gurl illustrated by the famous artist Yamaishi18! We transformed the illustration of the famous artist Yamaishi18 in a 1/4 scale original bunny figure! Everyone's favorite eldest sister in a bunny outfit....the dream people have been wishing for is...
$348.99 $318.88
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Ally 1/4 Scale Figure
Queen of Bunnies, has descended in 1/4 scale! Directed by Chie Masami, Bunny Queen "Ally" has been reproduced in 1/4 scale. Ally with a glamorous body and gorgeous bunny costume. This voluptuous figure that combines elegance and eros has been...
$394.99 $368.88
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Anubis Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
The Adorable Guardian God of the Dead, Anubis, is Back with Her Seductive Attire! An original character by Houtengeki taking inspiration from the world of Egyptian legends, the Egyptian deity Anubis has resurfaced in her bare legs. Gorgeous gold and...
$266.99 $253.88
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Asagi Igawa Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
The Strongest Taimanin "Asagi Igawa", now available in a bunny suit! From the popular adult game Taimanin series, donning the moniker "Strongest Taimanin", Asagi Igawa, in a bunny suit has been specially prepared as a big scaled figure. Asagi in...
$388.99 $378.88
Ayaka Sawara Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Original bunny girl by Matsuri Warabino, Ayaka Sawara Bare Leg Bunny Ver.! Reintroducing the Original illustration of popular illustrator Matsuri Warabino, Ayaka Sawara Bare Leg Bunny Ver. ! Due to positive feedback, Ayaka Sawara is here to bunnify you with...
$280.99 $252.88
In stock
Ayaka Sawara P.E Uniform Version 1/4 Scale Figure
Introducing the 3d figure of Ayaka Sawara wearing a P.E uniform, original illustration by the popular artist Matsuri Warabino! We have transformed the illustration of the famous artist Matsuri Warabino; Ayaka Sawara wearing her P.E uniform into a three-dimensional figure!...
$375.99 $338.88
Ayami Aizawa 1/4 Scale Figure
Drawn By Siokonbu, Nurse With A Colossal Pair Recreated In 1/4 Scale! Siokonbu's latest illustration of a nurse owning an explosive set of titties, Aizawa Ayami appears in 1/4 scale. "Ayami Aizawa" puts the hunk to her chunk as her...
$351.99 $316.88
In stock
Ayano Uzaki Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Original Bunny Girl, Ayano Uzaki, illustrated by Aizawa Chihiro! Ayano Uzaki is an Original Bunny Girl illustrated and designed by popular illustrator, Aizawa Chihiro. Prepared just for you. Ayano is wrapped in a sophisticated purple bunny suit and is ripe...
$402.99 $362.88
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Bastet Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
The Great Cat Goddess "Bastet" in a Sexy Outfit Has Reappeared! An original by Houtengeki taking inspiration from the world of Egyptian legend, we present the Egyptian goddess Bastet in a bare legged get-up. The gorgeous gold and black costume...
$267.99 $253.88
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Bountiful Year 1/4 Scale Figure
Pave way for Moehime Union's mascots as they wish us a good year!! Original illustration by erotically acclaimed illustrator Xin and co-produced by Solarain. We offer you the official mascots of "Moehime Union", Yuri-chan and Stella-chan both in 1/4 scale!...
$819.99 $818.88
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Caroline Yuri Tanned Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Original Bunny Girl Designed By sakiyamama, "Caroline Yuri" Returns Tanking In Tanned Bunny Ver. ! Original Bunny Girl "Caroline Yuri" is drawn and designed by illustrator sakiyamama, who is revered by fans all over the globe. This time, Caroline Yuri...
$321.99 $318.88
Catherine White Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
3rd Original Bunny Girl by sakiyamama. Featuring Catherine White! Beloved illustrator sakiyamama has graced us with a third bunny with Catherine White! sakiyamama's next featured bunny is Catherine, dressed in a white bunny suit with a more sophisticated tone. Not...
$329.99 $298.88
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Cattleya 1/4 Scale Figure
Houtengeki designed a Succubus figure to succ the life out of you. We present you this thiccylicious scale figure. Cattleya is an original character conceived by Houtengeki. Her THICC hips and bazongas are filled with man's hopes and dreams to...
$375.99 $368.88
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Cattleya Tapestry
Thicc Cattleya also in Thicc Tapestry form. We are also presenting you Houtengeki's thicc Succubus design, Cattleya, as a thicc tapestry♡ You can now enjoy this marvelous and dynamic body thoroughly in your homes! Material: polyester suedePrint: sublimation print* Upper/Lower...
$69.99 $63.88
Celica Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Original Bunny Girl "Celica" Drawn by SenriGAN, Now Available in 1/4 Scale! Introducing the single mother Kuro Gyaru from SenriGAN's original project "BunnyStein Fantasy", Celica in 1/4 scale! Blonde hair, fancy bunny costume, and tanned dynamite body are reproduced in...
$319.99 $288.88
In stock
Charlotte 1/4 Scale Figure
Original Illustration by Parsley, our lollipop licking Bunny Girl has arrived in 1/4 Scale! Charlotte, the mischieveous bunny girl illustrated by Parsley has been reproduced as a 1/4 Scale Figure! Charlotte's goregous blonde hair brings out her cheekiness and sexyness...
$390.99 $368.88
In stock
Chelsea 1/4 Scale Figure
Original illustration by Kuronukonero, Super Stacked Baby-faced Bunny Girl in 1/4 scale! Chelsea, baby-faced huge milkers wielding original character by Kuronukonero has been reproduced as a 1/4 scale figure. Petite, cute, and enriched with Vitamin Booba best defines our lil'...
$377.99 $348.88
In stock
Chie Bunny Version 1/4 Scale Figure
We proudly present to you.... Chie in her unique bunny costume! We couldn't be more ecstatic to produce this alluring illustration into a three dimensional figure! Chie has been illustrated by the famous artist Ishikei along with her original bunny...
$375.99 $358.88
Chitose Ishiwatari Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Famous Illustrator Sasamori Tomoe's Second Original Bunny Girl, Chitose Ishiwatari Is Here! This time, our bunny is a very meaty juicylicious bunny girl that brings out the essence of Sasamori Tomoe to the forefront. An original bunny suit design which...
$354.99 $318.88
Chocola Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Relink & Reload the Original Series, as a Renewed Chocola is up for Pre-order! The starting point of the "Nekopara" BINDing figures, reintroducing Chocola! Her pose is kept as it is, but her outfit has been changed up to the...
$299.99 $283.88
Christina Swimsuit Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
Mysterious Senpai "Christina" materialized in a swimsuit! One of the beauties featured on the cover of "COMIC E×E 12", Christina, whose beauty is depicted like a mermaid was introduced in "Seejungfrau". The unstoppable force of Nanao's illustrations have been retained...
$370.99 $333.88
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