Yuki 1/4 Scale Figure

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1/4 Scale Figure
PrisonQueendom ~Forced Submissive Training for Men~
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Yuki from『PrisonQueendom ~Forced Submissive Training for Men~』in bondage is now a 3-D figure!

The famous 『PrisonQueendom ~Forced Submissive Training for Men~』 which has been incredibly popular to hardcore fans proudly presents 「Yuki」, the female doctor who is truly passionate about conducting in-depth research!

What a rare sight in 1/4 scale! Yuki is wearing a white lab uniform, something you've never seen before in other figures! Of course, we'll make sure to deliver her with extra lusciousness!

Depending on your mood, you may choose to let her wear the strap-on dildo! This is such a dream come true for your masochistic side!

There is no doubt that your anxiety will turn into wild expectations...

She's looking at you intently through her glasses...

Do not be afraid to open up to her...show the vulnerability you have been dying to share..

Let her handle your whole being up to your core...and explore what this world has yet to offer!!

Included: lab uniform, L&R open bra cup , irreplaceable underwear (with hole), strap-on dildo, left arm for holding the strap-on dildo, eyeglasses

Painted 1/4 scale ABS & PVC & Cloth figure. Approximately 280Bindmm in height.

18+ item!

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Yuki 1/4 Scale Figure
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