Variable Action Hi-SPEC Mado King Granzort - Super Granzort

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Variable Action
Mado King Granzort
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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mado King Granzort and the 10th anniversary of the Variable Action series comes a light-up, talking Hi-SPEC Variable Action figure of Super Granzort!

The body is approximately 30% larger than previous figures in the VA series, allowing for an even more detailed sculpt as well as light-up eyes when the Gaia Visor is lowered. In addition, the model can completely transformed from Face Mode into Battle Mode - a figure clearly worthy of the "Hi-SPEC" name!

The magic circle base included is also not your standard base as it features all-new lines by voice actor Shinya Otaki captured in cooperation with the same team that did the sound work for the TV anime series!

The base also lights up with five different colors while playing sound, and the base can also be instead placed standing vertically for an alternate display. Recreate your favorite scenes from the series!

Complete painted action figure. with magic circle base included.

Approximately 220mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Variable Action Hi-SPEC Mado King Granzort - Super Granzort
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