Variable Action Heroes Sanji (Re-Run)

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Variable Action Heroes
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Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates is rejoining the Variable Action Heroes series with a second rerelease. Carefully sculpted to capture the charm of his black-suited dashing image, he can be displayed in a wide range of impressive poses from the show.

The figure comes with six face plates, allowing you to capture various expression to match a variety of situations. He also comes with interchangeable right leg parts which allow you to pose him using special moves like "Diable Jambe."

The action figure also features realistic sculpting and paint, creating a figure that is both great to look at and great to play with!

Pre-Painted Action Figure. Approximately 177mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Variable Action Heroes Sanji (Re-Run)
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