Variable Action Heroes Luffy Taro

Variable Action Heroes
March 2023
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Variable Action Heroes ONE PIECE series has finally entered the "Wano kuni" edition!

"Luffy Taro" dressed as Luffy is here. With the sword, Kitetsu II, the kimono in the works is reproduced as it is. Equipped with a movable joint that allows action poses with a flashy effect in a size of about 175 mm in height. Various situations can be reproduced with 4
types of facial expressions and abundant wrist parts. It is a product that can be enjoyed by decorating or touching it with realistic modeling and painting. Subsequently, the commercialization of "Zoro Juro" is underway as the second edition of Wano Kuni.

Material: PVC

Approximately 175mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Variable Action Heroes Luffy Taro
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