Twintail-chan 1/6 Scale Figure

Rocket Boy
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1/6 Scale Figure
Mappaninatta Original Characters
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Original Character Twintail-chan by Mappaninatta is now a Scale Figure!

Brilliant illustrator Mappaninatta's latest original character, Twintail-chan came to get milked!
We have reproduced the Reverse Bunny donning Cafe Staff as a scale figure.

For Rocketboy's namesake, how can we not present you rocket-like tiddies and cake!

A miniature breast pump is included and is useable on Twintail-chan.
Twintail-chan comes with her standard energetic expression. In addition, a lewd interchangeable face part is also available.

Twintail-chan's nipple stickies and breast pump have magnet specifications for that aerodynamic cast off interaction.
Her underwear and bunny tail are also cast off. 

Please consider welcoming the erotically cute and sexy Twintail-chan to your collection.

Included: Base, Interchangeable Face Part, Table, Breast Pump, and Miniature Menu

Painted PVC & ABS & Metal 1/6 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 270mm in height.

18+ item!

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Twintail-chan 1/6 Scale Figure
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