The Simple Stand x3 (for Figures & Models) (3rd-Run)

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Perfect for figures and plastic model displays! A set of 3 simple stands.

Presenting a set of 3 simple and affordable display stands! These stands feature a plain, translucent design perfect for articulated figures, chibi figures, plastic models and more. The support arm is equipped with a 3mm pin for connecting to holes of corresponding size. Attachable clamp-style parts and extender parts for tights spaces are also included. ABS Construction. Translucent materials. The base area is 95mmx95mm. Support arm can be adjusted from 70mm to 128mm in height.

    Clear ABS Display Stand. 3 Stands included. Support arm 70-128mm in height.
    * This item is limited to 3 per person.
    The Simple Stand x3 (for Figures & Models) (3rd-Run)
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