Teddy Bear Hunter Tapestry Set Edition 1/6 Scale Figure

1/6 Scale Figure
Byullzzi Original Character
July 2024
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"Since when have we been targeted-kuma!?"
Byullzzi's Original Character "Teddy Bear Hunter", Recreated as a 1/6 Scale Figure!

HOTVENUS presents, an Original Character of the popular illustrator, Byullzzi.
Introduced as a 1/6 scale figure!


"Another fallen cumrade-kuma!!!"

Walls painted with a spectrum of exquisite colored blood, and on the ground littered with cadavers of teddy bears,
A girl with a few screws loose, in revealing demeanor stands with one long ass blade.

Beneath her cute short hair, the girl squints her eyes, smiling disdainfully, while displaying her sabertooth-like incisors.

"My reason for slaughtering the bears? Fufufu... Weell ... I just caaaan't forgive this world for allowing anything cuter than mwah~!""

Enveloped in a bunny suit, those milkers and cake 'bout to spill out.
Just performing some QA to test the limits of the suit.
Seductive black knee-high socks tightening those plump juicy thighs.
Moreover, no one can gaze away from that mole on her savory cheeks.

"A Giant Perverted Molester Spotted?! One individual lightly armed from neck down, What thell is going-on kuma?!
Darn it, I can't take it anymore!! Get a grip, you're being targeted-kuma!!"

!? "ZAH!!!" *Blade slashing through a teddy bear SFX??? idk

If you're a teddy bear, don't let the innocent appearance of the "Teddy Bear Hunter" fool you.


Chest part is interchangeable with a "No Bra Ver." and the Genital Area of her bunny suit is cast-off.

In addition, the "Tapestry Set Edition" comes with an illustrated tapestry(W40cm*H60cm).

Please enjoy slicing up some teddies by getting the Tapestry alongside our adorable Teddybear Hunter!

Accessories: Base and Interchangeable Chest Parts

Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 300mm in height.

18+ item!

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
* You have to be 18 or older to purchase this item.
Teddy Bear Hunter Tapestry Set Edition 1/6 Scale Figure
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