Suzu Hoshizuki 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Comic Babel Aug. 2021 Edition Cover Illustration "Kaede and Suzu"
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From hit series featuring the Hoshizuki twin sisters by Kyockcho, Suzu Hoshizuki now in her figure form!

From Kyockcho's original series "Kaede and Suzu", finally our cool but airheaded sister Suzu Hoshizuki is here!

In comparison to her tsundere sister Kaede, Suzu is tied to a fence while facing us backwards, revealing an adorable but erotic side to her Scale Figure model.

The production of Suzu was under careful supervision of Kyockcho.
The goal was to reproduce the details of even smallest parts such as the flow of hair, wrinkles of clothes, and the sole pattern of ballet shoes (indoor shoes).
Suzu is moist and wet. Her blouse has become see through. Watery eyes and flushed cheeks. Some sort of liquid has started to flow through. (Liquid and Underwear parts available)
In addition, you can change her pose to match with the original illustration by winding the cuffs and chain attached to the fence.

Sized at 1/5 scale if base is attached the height is approximately 22cm.Depth at approximately 24cm, and width approximately 17.5cm. (Suzu herself is sized at a height of 18.1 cm)
The base can also go as wide as 35 cm by arranging it next to the paired...... Kaede Hoshizuki! (We are working on it!)

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Included: Base, Fence, Cuffs & Chain, Padlock, S-hook 4 pcs. , U-shaped parts for the cuffs 4pcs. , and Liquid Parts.

Painted PVC & ABS & Metal 1/5 scale complete figure with stand included. Approximately 221mm in height.

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Suzu Hoshizuki 1/5 Scale Figure
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