Static Arts Tifa Lockhart Dress Ver.

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Static Arts
Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Tifa, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, makes her appearance in the STATIC ARTS statuette line, clad in her stylish dress!

We get to see another side of this martial artist, with Tifa in a more formal attire. Our designers meticulously recreated every detail–from the luxurious texture of her dress, the choker-style necklace, the embellishments wrapped around her waist, all the way to her earrings. Capturing the moment Tifa leans in, with her hands folded behind her back, this is a well-crafted statue that carefully considers the beauty you see in her extended arms and legs, as well as the texture of her skin.

Approximately 9.80" in height. 

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Static Arts Tifa Lockhart Dress Ver.
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