Sousai Shojo Teien Yomi (Black Canvas)

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Sousai Shojo Teien
Sousai Shojo Teien
July 2024
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What if Koyomi Takanashi was a musician instead of a bookworm? 
This question created YOMI, a member of a popular girl band called BLACK CANVAS, now brought to life as a plastic model kit.

*This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities from select retailers. 

Product Highlights!

[Casual Outfit]
While the model uses Koyomi Takanashi【RYOBU HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CLOTHES】as its base, the necktie and box pleat skirt have been newly designed to transform her uniform into this casual outfit.
Her neck has been resculpted for her to wear a choker, and also features the neck joint that was introduced in her swimsuit version that slides back and forth.
Her coolheadedness is illustrated using black as the main color and combining it with purple. Her usual loafers have been swapped out for sneakers for a more active feel.

The forearms have also been newly sculpted with a wristwatch. The wristwatch and forearm have separate colors. The exclusive "forearms" and "wrist watches" come in both left and right and can be used on either side.

[Left Shoulder Raised Body]
The kit also includes a specially sculpted body piece with the left shoulder raised. This special body can be used in a wide range of situations, including poses where the figure is reaching for something up high. The tie around her neck has been sculpted to look as if it's blowing in the wind.

[New Sneaker Parts]
The sneakers are the same as those in the Madoka Yuki【TOUOU HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CLOTHES Black Canvas】with new purple and black coloring. As with all the kits in this series, the figure is pre-painted, so assembly is all that is needed to build a figure that is faithful to the character design.

[Face Parts]
The eye prints have been all newly designed by En Morikura and feature a slightly sharper, cooler look than the original Koyomi.
The four face parts include "Looking Prim," "Displeased," "Scheming" and "Cheeky."
The eyes are red for a cool, passionate look.
As with other kits, the face parts come in pre-painted and unpainted with expression decals.
*Face parts are the same as those with Ritsuka Saeki 【Swim Style】.

[Skin Color]
This version features slightly paler skin than the standard Koyomi models. The color is the same as Megami Device Skin Color C, so users can enjoy mixing and matching parts.

[Hand Parts]
This kit comes with the same 13 hands as in Ritsuka Saeki【ST. IRIS GAKUEN GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL WINTER CLOTHES】.
The peace sign and pointing hand parts can be used to create a variety of fun poses.

[Clear Black Glasses]
YOMI does not wear glasses. However, as glasses are such an iconic part of Koyomi's original look, we have included a pair of optional clear black glasses to be used as sunglasses.
*The glasses are the same as the After School Glasses Set.

[Original Box Art]
The packaging features a beautiful illustration by En Morikura.

 Included Items:
1. YOMI Model x1
2. Hairstyle Parts x1 Bob-Cut x1 Set
3. Bangs Parts for Use with Glasses ×3
4. Attachments for Styling Bangs x1
5. Face Parts (Pre-painted): Looking Prim, Displeased, Scheming, Cheeky x1 Each
6. Face Parts (Unpainted): Looking Prim, Displeased, Scheming, Cheeky x1 Each
7. Glasses Set x1
8. Hand Parts x13 (Right and Left): Gripping Hand (Normal), Gripping Hand (Tight), Gripping Hand (Wide), Gripping Hand (Round), Clenched Fist, Pointing A, Open Hand, Peace A, Peace B, Circle, Pointing B, Nervous Pointing, and Heart Shape
*The heart shape is one set of right and left hands.
9. Sitting Body x1
10. Skirt Parts x3: Normal, Fluttering, Sitting
*The sitting skirt uses specific thigh parts.
11. Left Shoulder Raised Body x1
12. 6mm Joint Neck Parts for Megami Device x1
13. Display Base x1
14. Decals x1 Sheet
*The half-up and braid hairstyle parts, school bag and books are not included in this kit.

Materials: PS, ABS, POM, PVC
Approximately 153mm in height when built.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Sousai Shojo Teien Yomi (Black Canvas)
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