Sakurako's Injection! 1/6.5 Scale Figure

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1/6.5 Scale Figure
Mebae's Original Character
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The amazing and artistic adult figure drawn by Mebae is now available for you to enjoy!

Let's inject this liquid inside Sakurako!
She is well-proportioned; wearing a casual outfit that exposes the right areas of her slender body..
No doubt that the vivid color of this figure will surely catch your eye! Mebae's artistic illustration has been transformed into this magnificent figure, welcome for you to enjoy.

A huge syringe placed in the center with the mysterious liquid leaking from the tip... aren't you curious what it is really made of?
Her headphone's cord is connected to her crotch.. to what specifically?
The random tattoos on her body makes her even more peculiar.

The prototype was made by Mansai Brown who also worked on 「Gamer Girl」while Eimi Hoshina painted the figure with vibrant colors.
We will make sure to deliver a high quality Sakurako to our loyal customers who never failed to support us in a very long time.

We hope you'll enjoy this figure as much as our creators did when they were making it!
Feel free to welcome her home!

Included: stand

Painted 1/6.5th scale ABS&PVC product with stand included. Approximately 250mm in height.

18+ item!

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Sakurako's Injection! 1/6.5 Scale Figure
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