Saint Cloth Myth EX Libra Dhoko Revival Ver.

Saint Cloth Myth EX
Saint Seiya
April 2024
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LIBRA DHOKO rejoins the SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX series in a special <Revival Ver>!
Featuring EX-grade articulation and numerous expression parts, this is the definitive portrayal of the character. Optional faces and hands let you re-create classic scenes!
LIBRA DHOKA comes with an extra hand set for all of the other Bronze Saints so you can have them hold any of his weapons! And of course his cloth can be configured into Object Mode for display.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Cloth set, Object Mode frame, Two optional faces, Optional part of hands, Various weapons, Cape, Bronze Saint optional hands, Saint Seiya Chart

Approximately 6.7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 1 per person.
Saint Cloth Myth EX Libra Dhoko Revival Ver.
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