Saint Cloth Myth EX Gamma Phecda Thor

Saint Cloth Myth EX
Saint Seiya
August 2023
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The faithful servant of Hilda, Phecda Gamma Thor, joins Saint Cloth Myth EX!

This specially-sized tall figure utilizes an all-new base body that uses a portion of diecast parts for an impressive sense of size and weight! Options and numerous effects parts give this set incredible play value.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Cloth armor set, Object mode frame, Three optional expressions, Four pairs of optional hands, Mjölnir Hammer (x2), Mjölnir Hammer effect parts (x2), Mjölnir Hammer holster waist armor set

Approximately 9.8" in height. 

* This item is limited to 1 per person.
Saint Cloth Myth EX Gamma Phecda Thor
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