Saint Cloth Myth EX Caner Death Mask Revival Ver

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Saint Cloth Myth EX
Saint Seiya
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The antagonistic Gold Saint who believes might makes right, Cancer Death Mask, rejoins Saint Cloth Myth EX in a new Revival Version! New expression parts include a devilish smirk, plus a bonus accessory that lets you re-create the dramatic climax of his arc: a defeated face! Also includes a Star Chart, just like other EX Series Revival figures.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Cloth armor set, Object Mode Frame, Five optional expressions, Three left and four right optional hands, Optional hair part, Cape, Manga-style chest armor, Manga-style waist armor, Star Chart

Approximately 7.1" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Saint Cloth Myth EX Caner Death Mask Revival Ver
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