RPG-02 Sister-Muse Asdo 1/12 Action Figure

Snail Shell
1/12 Action Figure
Original Character
December 2024
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The newest member of Snail Shell's original action figure series "My Otherworldly Adventure" is Sister-Muse Asdo!

She comes with two interchangeable faces -- a melancholy expression and a prayerful face; the melancholy face features a fully movable eyeball gimmick, and you can change the direction she's looking with the included "Mini Too NEO for Changing Gaze." She also has four sets of interchangeable hands; the prayer hand parts are asymmetrical, and you can combine them to create her praying pose.

Thanks to improvements in mass-production technology, even the fingernails on her fingertips are sharply reproduced, resulting in an ultra-precise finish that's rare for small-scale figures! Some of her outfit can be removed if you'd like to display her with less coverage. Two types of holy book are included: an open version and a closed version, and both can be attached to her belt. Her holy staff is made of clear parts that are painted with metallic paint for a sacred and pure look, and her outfit has the classic "sister" black-and-white color scheme, with champagne gold accents for a classic design.

The first production limited edition of this figure also comes with a bonus of two nipple covers! (This item is only available with the first production of this figure. If yours does not include this item, it was not part of the first production.)

Order her for your own collection today!

[Set Contents]:

  • Main figure
  • Interchangeable faces (x2)
  • Interchangeable hands (x4 pairs: half-open, prayer, weapon-holding, book-holding)
  • Ahoge
  • Veil
  • Holy book (closed)
  • Holy book (open)
  • Belt
  • Holy staff
  • Clear base

Approximately 158mm in height. 

Materials: PVC & ABS & POM

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
RPG-02 Sister-Muse Asdo 1/12 Action Figure
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