Riobot Blaster Tekkaman Blade

Tekkaman Blade
November 2022
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'From "Tekkaman Blade" comes RIOBOT Blaster Tekkaman Blade!

From the TV anime "Tekkaman Blade" broadcasted in 1992, Blaster Tekkaman Blade, Tekkaman's evolved form gained through "Blaster transformation", is now a new entry in the RIOBOT series! Die-cast is used and pull-out gimmicks are installed in various joints, giving it great articulation for reproduction of dramatic action poses as seen in the anime. The sculpt design is based on the design artwork and character depiction from the show, making this a very sleek looking Blaster Tekkaman Blade.

Approximately 8" in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Riobot Blaster Tekkaman Blade
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