Portrait.Of.Pirates (POP) “RE-MAXIMUM” Uta ~I'm Invincible~

August 2024
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Following the monumental success that led to the special re-release of "ONE PIECE FILM RED", the world's most popular singer, Uta, makes her grand entrance onto the P.O.P. "MAXIMUM" stage.

Uta continues to captivate audiences with her powerful vocals and a variety of dazzling outfits! This time she's been brought to life as a figure, adorned in golden armor to match her signature song "I Am the Strongest".

Armed with a weapon that dwarfs her own size, and sporting a cape that flows like wings, the figure replicates Uta's intrepid image as she races through the sky alongside musical staves, just as depicted in the movie.

The meticulous detailing of the armor, the texture of the outfit, and her gallant yet adorable smile are among the highlights packed into this figure. This is truly Uta at her "strongest", so be sure to experience the "MAXIMUM" quality for yourself!

Pre-painted Figure. Approximately 290mm in Height, 370mm in Length and 240mm in Depth.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Portrait.Of.Pirates (POP) “RE-MAXIMUM” Uta ~I'm Invincible~
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