Portrait.Of.Pirates (POP) "Playback Memories" Miss All Sunday

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The very first figure in the Portrait.Of.Pirates "Playback Memories" series is being rereleased! The  series is designed to bring figures from the episodes of the past, and the  first in the series was none other than the vice president of Baroque Works and ultimate commander, Miss All Sunday!

She has a rather different appearance to the Nico Robin from the Straw Hat Pirates that we know today, but she definitely has her own mysterious charm which has been captured in beautiful detail on this figure!

Whether you missed out on the first release or want to display her with Mr. 2 Bon Clay who will be released at the same time, be sure to add her to your Portrait.Of.Pirates collection!

Pre-Painted 1/8 Scale Figure with stand included. Approximately 240mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Portrait.Of.Pirates (POP) "Playback Memories" Miss All Sunday
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