Paul Phoenix 1/12 Action Figure

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1/12 Action Figure
Tekken 7
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'When Paul Phoenix, the golden boy of the martial arts world, steps into the ring, the excitement in the crowd is palpable. But this time when his opponent's name rang over the arena's loudspeakers, he could only scratch his head in disbelief. It was Kuma... again!

However, Kuma was nowhere to be seen. Word went round that the bear had dropped out of the tournament. The ring announcer informed the spectators of a last-minute change to the fight card. Relieved, Paul awaits the entrance of his long-anticipated human opponent...

- 3x Interchanging Head Sculpts
- 4x Pairs of Hands
- Burning Fist Effect

Approximately 8" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Paul Phoenix 1/12 Action Figure
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