PaiZuri sister Zuriel 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Asanagi Original Character
September 2023
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Designed by the legend Asanagi, "PZ Sisters" have been recreated!

PZ (PaiZuri) sisters are dressed in skimpy maid outfits and are willing to serve you with anything in between ♡
Asanagi's original character "Zuriel", one of the PZ sisters is now available in 1/5 scale!
The charming Zuriel has an impressive twintails and a devilish gaze. Don't forget that attractive rich bust!
LESLyzerosix has definitely done it! From Zuriel's face full of expressions, to her exciting maid clothing that exposes her entire back, going to her soft and glossy skin that protrudes from her back, and towards a small rotor inserted into her crotch?
Special attention was paid to Zuriel's chewy texture of a breast.

In addition, by replacing the chest part (without bra) that comes with it, there are a lot of playful "parts" that can be put on and inserted to Zuriel.

Zuriel comes with a "dildo" and an "ashtray" while PZ sister Paulyne comes with a "dildo" and a "champagne glass".
Separate face parts with her licking expression is also available.
Perfectly given title, PZ (PaiZuri) sisters, this is the ultimate pair of sisters with a lot of "amenities" that can be "sandwiched" between the two ♡

(Replacement chest parts with the 2 sisters squishing each other, A special Base (large) and a Chair to display the 2 sisters as a set will be included in "PaiZuri sisters Paulyne". Pre-order available at a later date.)

Let's not forget Zuriel's refreshing blue striped shimapan and how both sisters teases their masters differently.
The chair was inspired from a burgeoise antique furniture. You can enjoy it in your own accord by standing the PaiZuri sisters facing each other or displaying them separately.

Won't you take both PZ Sisters for their services?

Accessories: Individual Base, Chair, Interchangeable Parts(Face, Arms, and Breast), Ashtray, and a Dildo

Painted ABS & PVC & Metal 1/5 scale complete product with base included. Approximately 283mm in height.

18+ item!

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PaiZuri sister Zuriel 1/5 Scale Figure
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