Olivia Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure

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1/4 Scale Figure
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We're Back From MILFin time to Ara Ara time!
Highly Acclaimed Illustrator Punopupupu with Original Bunny Girl "Olivia"!

Well-known illustrator Punopupupu has designed and illustrated "Olivia" for an original bunny girl figure.
To those obsessed with Punopupupu's works, you can revel in this Waifu and breathtaking design of a bunny suit.

Purple Black Bunny Suit upgraded and fully enhanced with "Ara~ Ara~" is designed to further emphasize Olivia's delectable body.
One of the focal point of Olivia's bunny suit is its gorgeous finish with gold accents.
If an alluring and robust woman like Olivia was wrapped in a bunny suit in front of us.... You and I would kneel down in a heartbeat...
But fret not. Kneeling down is not compulsory for Olivia. Because she'll give you whatever your heart truly desires..

As one of the most anticipated 1/4 scale figure, Olivia's tights are specified to answer an audience with a certain fetish, coming in strong yet gentle.
The other half of her mesh tights are of course made out of actual fabric.

If you haven't experienced getting a Bunny Girl yet, please consider entrusting your Bunny Girl Virginity to Olivia!
Of course, there is no doubt that our Bunny Girl OGs and Veterans can feel the newly found potential and overwhelming presence Olivia brings into the table as a new Bunny.
We understand that this can be a huge hurdle or embarrassing to some, but why not try and take that huge step to imprint this beauty into your lives!

Accessories: Exposed Breast Cup Parts, Interchangeable Crotch Parts, and Mirror Base

Painted PVC & ABS & Fabric & Magnet 1/4 scale complete product with base included. Approximately 330mm in height.

18+ item!

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Olivia Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
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