Office Yuna-chan 1/6 Scale Figure

1/6 Scale Figure
Biya Original Character
July 2025
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Introducing the original character "Office Yuna," drawn by Biya!
Boasting two body parts, with one being the [Selfie ver.], a luxurious bonus part that can be displayed separately.

HOTVENUS presents the original character of the popular illustrator and cosplayer Biya.
Introducing "Office Yuna" in a 1/6 scale figure!!

It's only been a week since you've joined the company, and you've been feeling anxious about work lately.

Yuna-senpai, part of the same department, usually wears bold and sexy attire. Sometimes she takes some stances or poses to reveal another side of her on purpose...
Not only that, there are rumors that Yuna-senpai doesn't wear "that" all the time, and with Yuna-senpai by your side, this place is just not safe for work....

"Ah ... So we're working overtime again today huh..."

After chugging a cold one on the station front, I returned to the office late at night and saw an incredible spectacle.



The sound of a silent shutter in an empty office.
She looked like a top model doing a bold M-shaped pose in front of a mirror.
Causing an erotic atmosphere, a voluptuous chest and waist that one can call a view as superb as Mt. Fu○○.

"This fanservice shot ... maybe I'll send it to my new junior - ♡ lol"


This figure comes with two kinds of body parts.
The [Typical ver.] and [Selfie ver.] with a bold pose.
A luxurious specification that allows two figures to be displayed at the same time!
Enjoy Yuna's enchanting bodies in two variations!
By the way, both body parts are not wearing "that," as rumored...

Her wide, open thighs, deep belly button, and attractive, delicate body line...
Yuna's back is also a must-see, as it features goodies that are not shown in the original illustration.

In the [Selfie ver.] body part, the pasties are magnetically detachable, so you can recreate even sexier selfie scenes with Yuna.

Please welcome Yuna in her various outfits and poses!

Accessories: [Selfie ver.] Body Part and 2 Bases

Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale complete product with stand included.

Approximately 160mm in height. 

18+ item!

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Office Yuna-chan 1/6 Scale Figure
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