Neige 1/4 Scale Figure

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1/4 Scale Figure
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An illustrator well beloved by the community, Kamaboko specially designed and illustrated Neige for her to be your captive! 

Nuclearly famous illustrator Kamaboko has breathe new life into his newest creation "Neige" as a figure! What is a fantasy and Isekei themed world without an alluring beastkin that keeps your thoughts in the clouds?

Her overtuned body and suggestive bunny-like appearance emanates an already unrealistic Isekai dream.

Your first mission in this Isekai is to save Neige from the clutches of her opressors!

Of course, there is also no problem if you decide to chill and save her for later...

As always, she comes in 1/4 scale with our classic fishnet tights. Real world or Isekai, we will deliver her wherever you are.

Essentials to the Isekai Fantasy genre such as collars and shackles are also included.

So please enjoy Neige and soak her till your heart's content.

We do not discriminate as this figure can be enjoyed by both who have reincarnated and those who have yet to reincarnate.

If you have not thought about meeting truck-kun yet, you should set Neige free and experience a whole new Isekai by locking her up in your room!

If the time comes, you and Neige might be able to journey to another world! 

Included: Right and left exchangeable breast cups, Collar with chain, Shackles, and Mirror Base

Painted 1/4th scale ABS & PVC & Cloth & Mirror & Steel Chain complete product with stand included. Approximately 270mm in height.

18+ item!

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Neige 1/4 Scale Figure
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