NARUTO GALS Sakura Haruno Complete Figure (Re-Run)

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Complete Figure
Naruto Shippuden
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The third figure in the popular "Naruto Gals" series was this stunning figure of Sakura Haruno, and now it is being rereleased! The main heroine of the series has been sculpted showing off her supple body and refreshing smile.

The figure not only captures Sakura's cute side, but also has a lovely dynamic feeling to it with her flowing hair and the tips of her fingers all sculpted in detail.

Her pink outfit that matches with her name, the flutter of her skirt and accessories such as her belt have all been carefully detailed to ensure a high-quality figure for fans to enjoy!

Pre-Painted Figure. Approx. 200mm in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
NARUTO GALS Sakura Haruno Complete Figure (Re-Run)
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