MORTAL MIND Gunbuster Alloy Action Figure

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Aim for the Top Gunbuster
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To commemorate the 35th anniversary of "Gunbuster: Aim for the Top!", Gunbuster returns to CCS Toys's "Mortal Mind" alloy action-figure series! While Gunbuster's massive form has been faithfully reproduced, original arrangements have been added in a subtle way, and a heavy metallic coating has been applied to create a dignified appearance reminiscent of a gigantic battleship! The combination mechanism has been omitted in this figure. The gun ports on the shoulders and shins can be expanded, and if you open the hatch on the inside of the shoulder, you'll see the words "Effort" and "Guts"! Remove the chest armor to take out the built-in degeneracy reactor. There are also many gimmicks such as the deployment mechanism of the Buster Collider built into both arms and legs, the Super Lightning Kick which can be easily attached and detached with magnets, and the Buster Home Run, which automatically lights up. Order this classic mech for your own collection today!

[Set Contents]:

  • Main figure
  • Interchangeable hands (x5)
  • Right hand for holding Degeneracy Furnace
  • Buster Tomahawk
  • Buster Home Run (bat and effect parts)
  • Super Lightning Kick (track and effect parts)
  • Buster Shield (x4)
  • Replacement chest part
  • Degeneracy Furnace
  • Buster Collider (x8)
  • Lightning effect parts A for Buster Collider (x16)
  • Display base
  • Support joint (x3)
  • Pedestal support (long and short)

      Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, PV, Alloy, Magnet

      Approximately 280mm in height to top of head; Approximately 350mm in height overall. 

      * This item is limited to 3 per person.
      MORTAL MIND Gunbuster Alloy Action Figure
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