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Energy Bomb Gambaruger
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Gekiryuger, scramble! Great Gambaruger, miracle combine!

From "Energy Bomb Gambaruger" comes a MODEROID plastic model of the third robot Gekiryuger! The mecha can be displayed in either animal mode or fighter mode. The model is fully articulated. The Gekiryu Cannon and Dragon Shot are included. Additionally, the model can be combined with MODEROID Gambaruger and MODEROID Revolger (both sold separately) in order to create Great Gambaruger! The plastic model stands at 240mm in height to the top of its head in Great combination form, and special Great combination parts are included to achieve a look for Great Gambaruger even closer to its appearance from the anime! Be sure to add one to your collection!

Assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Approximately 155mm in height to top of head when built in Gekiryuger form and 240mm in height to top of head when built in Great Gambaruger combination form.

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MODEROID Gekiryuger
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