Misuzu Kagohara 1/4 Scale Figure

1/4 Scale Figure
Sexy Cosplay Lesson with My New Wife
July 2024
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Amane Ruri's Illustration of a Newly-Married Woman in 1/4 Scale!

From the adult rated PC game "Kosutsuma: Sexy Cosplay Lesson with My New Wife",
The heroine, "Misuzu Kagohara," is recreated wearing a bunny costume in 1/4 scale.

Misuzu is always gentle, inclusive, and bears an amazing body.
We've recreated Misuzu in this mighty 1/4 scale, a scenario of her in a bunny outfit, brazenly enticing yous.

Textured cloth tights and bunny tail, glossy bunny costume, and more!
Fitting for this figure's luxurious finish.

Please welcome Misuzu and don't make her wait!
She stares at you, patiently waiting for the inevitable bliss.

Accessories: none

Painted PVC & ABS & Polyester 1/4 scale complete product. Approximately 140mm in height and 420mm in length.

18+ item!

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Misuzu Kagohara 1/4 Scale Figure
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