Miho Tsujinaka 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Konokoi ni kiduite
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Cover Illustration Figure Of Miho Tsujinaka From "Konokoi ni kiduite" (Published by GOT Corporation)

"Miho Tsujinaka", sculpted at 1/6 scale is your cover girl from the tankobon, "Konoko ni kiduite," by the very popular manga artist and illustrator Danimaru.
We've faithfully recreated the cover illustration of the tankobon about a healthy and proactive kohai, Miho Tsujinaka.
With the complete supervision of Danimaru-sensei, we've reproduced a figure filled with meat to the brim,
Recreating Tsujinaka-chan's captivating body while containing her cuteness and charms!

Extra parts are also included in reproducing the cover illustration,
"Chest pressed against a partition" breast part and a breast part for Miho when "not using the partition"!
Enjoy these parts according to your environment and own preferences.
This is a completely made-to-order item available during its pre-order period only, so don't miss this opportunity!

Accessories: Partition, Interchangeable Parts (Body and Right Hand), and Skirt

Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale complete product. Approximately 200mm (270mm with Partition) in height.

18+ item!

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Miho Tsujinaka 1/6 Scale Figure
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