METAMOR-FORCE Kotetsu Jeed (a.k.a Jeegfried)

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Steel God Jeeg
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Introducing the latest collaboration between Sentinel and Dynamic Planning! Steel God Jeeg "Jeegfried" is born! It can turn completely into a car!

In addition to the transformation the gimmick allows Cyborg Hiroshi to change his form into Jeeg's head like in the show!

The robot mode offers a wide range of articulation with a variety of poses! the magnets on the soles of the feet allow the Mach Drills to be equipped on the sides of the car.

The figure comes with an amazing 60-page full-color comic book "JEEGFRIED", a definite masterpiece of Mr. Kazumi Hoshi!

What's more, the legendary "Dino Getter" (Comic: Kazumi Hoshi) will also be made into a printed comic book and included in the set content!

Sentinel's Jeegfried, an idea which has been developing for 7 years and a work that is finally delivered to perfection! Don't miss it.

Approximately 7.6" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
METAMOR-FORCE Kotetsu Jeed (a.k.a Jeegfried)
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