Metamor-Force Bariation Ultimate Gravion

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Metamor-Force Bariation
Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei
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'Soldiers of the Gran Knights, Combine! Ultimate Gravion!! Embodying 『METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION”, Ultimate Gravion appears!

The concept of this product is to recreate Ultimate Gravion in the proportion seen in the anime by armoring up the base Gravion Grankaiser with various new parts specially designed for combination. The magical Chojudangaiken which did not appear in the main story will also be included. With size one level larger than the other robots in the Gravion series, the greatest "Ultimate Gravion" which lives up to its name is completed!

Approximately 7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Metamor-Force Bariation Ultimate Gravion
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