Metal Build XL-3 Booster for Laevatein Option Set

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Metal Build
Full Metal Panic!
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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the global smash hit "Full Metal Panic," it's the XL-3 BOOSTER FOR LAEVATEIN OPTION SET for the METAL BUILD series. Compatible with the METAL BUILD LAEVATEIN, the METAL BUILD LAEVATEIN ver. IV, and the LAEVATEIN ARBALEST REFERENCE (each sold separately.) Re-create the dramatic climax of the series by combining the booster with your LAEVATEIN! The wings are adjustable and the set includes a stand.

[Set Contents] Booster, 20mm Gatling cannon, GEC-B 40mm rifles (x2), Boxer-2 76mm Shotcannon, Boxer-2 Joint parts (x2), Various ammunition magazines, Black Mamba Short-range Anti-air Missiles, Tank, Stand, Joint parts, Maintenance display parts, Female engineer figure

Approximately 16.5" wing length when deployed.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Metal Build XL-3 Booster for Laevatein Option Set
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