Metal Build EVA-01 Test Type (Re-Run)

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Metal Build
Neon Genesis Evangelion
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The designer of Evangelion, Ikuto Yamashita, has joined forces with Bandai to create this METAL BUILD edition of the famed character, capturing its steel-and-muscle appearance like no other figure has before. The body features diecast metal parts and chrome plating for a luxurious weight and finish. Re-designed from the ground up, this incredibly posable portrayal of the EVA-01 is packed with visual detail and play value.

The set includes four pairs of optional hands, a Progressive Knife, a Magoroku Exterminate Sword, a Pallet Rifle, a handgun, a Pallet knife full option, an umbilical cable, a mounting joint, an optional head with goggles, shin armor, a support rod, and a display stand with cage.

Approximately 8.6" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Metal Build EVA-01 Test Type (Re-Run)
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