Metal Build Dragon Scale Shin Getter 1

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Metal Build
Getter Robo: The Last Day
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DRAGON SCALE SHIN GETTER 1 joins the METAL BUILD DRAGON SCALE series, using new technology to capture its distinctively curving and elongating external armor! Transformable wings and Tomahawks, combined with the distinctive design-forms of the Shin Getter 2 and 3, combine to make this a piece with true presence. Stoner Sunshine, Getter Beam, and Getter Laser effects complete the set! This is the birth of the most powerful Shin Getter 1 to date!

[Set Contents] Main Body, Getter Battle Wings (L/R), Four pairs of optional hands, Getter Tomahawk, Getter Beam effect (head), Getter Beam effect (body), Stoner Sunshine effect, Optional forehead part, Optional Getter Laser (x2), Stand

Approximately 8.7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Metal Build Dragon Scale Shin Getter 1
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