Mai Sakuragi 1/4 Scale Figure

1/4 Scale Figure
Doukyusei Remake
March 2023
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Another one of our Main Heroines from that Legendary Visual Novel has arrived!

Considered as the pyramid of all Galges, "Dokyuusei" has been reborn in the Reiwa Era as "Dokyuusei Remake".

One of its heroines is the brilliant, graceful, and aspiring classmate, Mai Sakuragi.

Another best girl gets a 1/4 scale figure!

Concept for the figure was an actual scene with Mai from "Dokyuusei Remake".

Both her school uniform are made out of sewn fabric. Top and bottom of her sailor uniform are cast off. Yes, you undress her....

You can freely display her such as undressing her top and undergarments and leaving her skirt on.

Just to prove how much of a Mai fanatic and pervert your are.

Please welcome the immortal Galge Heroine, Mai Sakuragi into your collections.

Painted PVC & ABS 1/4th scale complete product. Approximately 280mm in length. 

18+ item!

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Mai Sakuragi 1/4 Scale Figure
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