MAFEX Batman Blue Ver. & Robin (The Dark Knight Returns)

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The Dark Knight Returns
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From "The Dark Knight Returns" comes a new MAFEX action figure set of Batman and Robin!

Batman is back in a new color scheme, and comes with blue optional parts to match his look. And unlike the previous black color version, this Batman comes with an interchangeable Bruce Wayne head so you can display him masked or unmasked! And best of all, an action figure of the Carrie Kelley version of Robin is included in the same scale, so you can pose this famous duo together!

Both figures are highly posable, with tons of highly articulated joints and various optional parts for display. Additionally, the cape is made from real cloth with a wire inside so you can shape it to match Batman's pose. A poseable display stand is also included. Reserve Batman and Robin for your collection today!

      Approximately 160mm (Batman) | 110mm (Robin) in height. 

      * This item is limited to 3 per person.
      MAFEX Batman Blue Ver. & Robin (The Dark Knight Returns)
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