Koakuma Riasu-chan Illustration by Ayuma Sayu 1/6 Scale Figure (Re-Run)

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1/6 Scale Figure
Koakumachan no Kougeki!
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Koakuma Riasu by Ayuma Sayu is added to the lineup!
・The figure is based on an illustration by Sayu Ayuma and is based on a faithful reproduction of Riasu-chan in her bare body.
・The posing and sculpting of Riasu-chan's hair and ribbons have been carefully chosen to create a dynamic presence for the figure.
・Her cute and fluffy outfits, as well as in her exciting dark underwear faithfully recreated.
・The knee highs, tails and feathers are all replicated in detail.
・The upper and lower portions of the figure are cast off, allowing you to enjoy every detail of Riasu-chan.
・The softness and smoothness of her skin has been carefully sculpted to reproduce the beauty of her skin.

Painted 1/6th scale complete ABS & ATBC-PVC product with stand included. Approximately 270mm in height.

18+ item.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
* You have to be 18 or older to purchase this item.
Koakuma Riasu-chan Illustration by Ayuma Sayu 1/6 Scale Figure (Re-Run)
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