Kaede Hoshizuki 1/5 Scale Figure

1/5 Scale Figure
Comic Babel Aug. 2021 Edition Cover Illustration "Kaede and Suzu"
September 2024
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Kyockcho's Illustration of the Popular Twin Sisters. Featuring Older Sister, Kaede Hoshizuki in Figure Form!

From Kyockcho's original series "Kaede and Suzu", tsundere older sister Kaede Hoshizuki is here!
Kaede sits with her cool-airhead sister, Suzu, bare and tied to the school's rooftop fence..
What on earth is in front of her face as she glares with bated embarrassment....

Kaede's expression of enduring shame while preserving one's dignity, Her windswept hair, curves, and texture of her bare skin. .
Under the careful supervision of Kyockcho, the character of "Kaede" was carefully crafted in every detail in this work.
Also, based on the original illustration, parts such as base, shirt, and skirt are arranged to look neat & satisfactory. Making this item spark one's imagination further.
As part of the accessories, a liquid part is prepared to be freely attach as pleased.
Lastly, a large-volume fence base that matches and pairs with her twin sister "Suzu Hoshizuki", previously sold.
And by displaying them side by side, you can recreate the situation like the original illustration.

Under the blue sky,
Happenings on the roof top,
Take time and enjoy.

Accessories: Base, Fence, Chain, Padlock, S-hook 4 pcs, Liquid Parts, and Skirt

Painted PVC & ABS & Metal 1/5 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 162mm in height.

18+ item!

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Kaede Hoshizuki 1/5 Scale Figure
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