IMS The Knight of Gold Type D Mirage 1/100 Plastic Injection Kit

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The real winner has arrived! The quintessence of the new ABSOMEC mechanism in your hands!

"K.O.G." with Buster Launcher equipped is finally available at IMS!
In the year 2988 of the star cluster's history, the unveiling of Fatima took place on the planet Adler, and the state in which the buster launcher was equipped when Sop (Amaterasu) took this unit to rescue Lachesis from that venue is fully reproduced by plastic injection.
While pushing the limits of injection molding, the new ABSOMEC (Absolute Mechanism) technology is used to create an innovative movable model that is easy for anyone to assemble.
The Knight of Gold continues to play an active role in the history of the story as a "super robot" that transcends everything in its unique position, and we hope you will enjoy its charm in the model.

The true aim of adopting the new technology ABSOMEC for some joints is now revealed!

The ABSOMEC (absolute mechanism) established in the GTM "Kaiserin" is used in some joint mechanisms, such as the shoulder joint pull-out mechanism and hip joint range-of-motion expansion and retention adjustment mechanism, to successfully reproduce the series of movements for holding the buster launcher in the play.
The main body of the buster launcher is suspended from the waist unit by a connecting arm with a complex design and mechanism. Although the folding mechanism of the barrel is selectable, it can be held at the waist by rotating and moving the connecting arm with multiple movable mechanisms, just like in the play.
This is truly a true masterpiece! We hope you will take the time to enjoy the true essence of the new ABSOMEC mechanism in your own hands.

The hip joints, which employ ABSOMEC's new hip joint mechanism, have just the right amount of reluctance (stiffness) and a wide range of motion. It boasts outstanding stability even when posing with the buster launcher with the leg stances wide open and the center of gravity lowered.
The articulation mechanism also allows for bold poses, such as holding a real sword or buster launcher!

(A) If the head is removed, the base of the shoulder joints inside the chest can be adjusted even after assembly.
(B) Chest exterior parts can be detached without adhesion for easier adjustment.

Note the "design ingenuity" in various places besides ABSOMEC!

When holding the buster launcher, the hip joints with ABSOMEC and the deployed heel (selectable upright or deployed state) allow for a sturdy, stooped pose. The movable crampons are designed to firmly grip the ground.
The elbows and forearms, which have multiple joints, can be positioned in a "hunched" pose as if holding the barrel aside, and the independently movable shoulder armor, elbow brief binders, and wrist cuffs allow for smooth and bold posing without interfering with their movement.
In addition, two spades (actual swords) that can be selectively held in their sheaths or drawn are included, as well as six optional hand parts (right and left fists, flat hands, and weapon holding hands). You can enjoy your favorite situations.

Injection-molded plastic model kit.

Approximately 355mm in height when built.


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IMS The Knight of Gold Type D Mirage 1/100 Plastic Injection Kit
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