HITOYO-Chan Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure

1/4 Scale Figure
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December 2023
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An Original By The Runaway Illustrator, Bonnie, Jovial "HITOYO-Chan" In Bunny Girl Style!

Hitoyo-chan is an original character by popular illustrator Bonnie.
Drawn & designed to be sculpted as an Original Bunny Girl Style figure!
You can now adore a different from usual Hitoyo-chan.

Simp'd by fans all over the globe, bunny style Hitoyo-chan's original design brings out her new-found charm!
Her overflowing proportions remains consistent and universal in this bunny style.
Evidently, Hitoyo-chan's bunny style features a gimmick for those who do extensive research on her proportions!

Fabric net tights for big sized 1/4 scale figures are the will of this world.
"After all, when Bunnies comes to mind, there's nothing like good ol' fishnet tights!"

Dearest Hitoyo-chan fans,
We highly recommend this Goddess to all ladies & gents claiming they knew Hitoyo-chan before her Bunnification.
Drown and indulge yourselves in the charms of bunnies, plunging in with Hitoyo-chan!
Please embrace Hitoyo-chan, whose cuteness has been accelerated with her Bunnification!

Accessories: Chest Parts

Painted PVC & ABS & Magnet 1/4 scale complete product. Approximately 200mm in height and 300mm in length.

18+ item!

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
* You have to be 18 or older to purchase this item.
HITOYO-Chan Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
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