High Elf Archer 1/7 Scale Figure

1/7 Scale Figure
Goblin Slayer II
April 2025
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"Hey! Let’s go, Orcbolg!"

The High Elf Archer from the TV anime Goblin Slayer II is now available as a 1/7 scale figure.
This figure captures the dynamic and thrilling moment of her shooting an arrow at a goblin.
The figure highlights her supple proportions and the healthy physique visible through the gaps in her shorts. Her equipment, including the yew bow and arrows made from tree branches, is also meticulously detailed.

Welcome this lively High Elf into your party!

Painted plastic 1/7 scale complete product with a stand included.

Approximately 210mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
High Elf Archer 1/7 Scale Figure
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