Hi-Metal R VF-0A Phoenix (Shin Kudo Use) + QF-2200D-B Ghost

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Hi-Metal R
Macross Zero
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From "Macross Zero," the VF-0A PHOENIX(SHIN KUDO USE) and QF-2200D-B GHOST join HI-METAL R! An A-type head, Ghost, and various new options make for an action-packed set. The Ghost and weapon parts are compatible with all three Valkyrie modes.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Pilot figure, Wings, Secondary wings, Battroid mode wings, Gunpod, Pitot tube (Fighter) x2 (one extra), Pitot tube (Battroid), Air intakes (open), Landing gear, Leg booster units (L/R), Display joint parts, QF-2200D-B, 8-shot micromissile launcher (underwing) x2, 8-shot micromissile launcher (dorsal) x2, Midrange guided missile pods x2, Four pairs of optional hands, Ghost attachment parts (Battroid), Ghostattachment parts (dorsal mount for Valkyrie mode), Support rod, Stand

Approximately 5.5" (Battroid mode) in height. 

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Hi-Metal R VF-0A Phoenix (Shin Kudo Use) + QF-2200D-B Ghost
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