Haruka Kaneshiro 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
I will always believe in you
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From the series of "I will always believe in you" drawn by Pija comes Haruka Kaneshiro!

We have created the 1/5 scale figure of 「Haruka Kaneshiro」from the popular series of "I will always believe in you" illustrated by Pija!

From the original story of Mr. Pija's fan fiction series, the character "Haruka Kaneshiro" is now available on a big scale of about 31 cm!

Macallan24 has reproduced her with plump flesh, healthy and firm gorgeous body as what it's like in the original illustration.

The contrast between the fair and plump chest that is hanging from the swimsuit compared to her dark skin, the supple thighs and the big round buttocks that you can see ....

There is no doubt that it will delight you no matter what angle you look at her!

For those who want to put her as decoration, you can choose between the "tuck-up ver." exposing her chest, the "swimsuit ver." that allows you to appreciate her whole body by removing the uniform, and for those who might have difficulty placing her in a room where guests might come often, you can opt for the "clothed ver." using another sailor suit jacket.

Feel free to style her according to your preference!

Enjoy the plump body of the ace of the Swimming Club 「Haruka Kaneshiro」, with her clothes taken apart; as she's trying to hold her most intimate emotions for her childhood friend!

Included: stand, sailor suit uniform jacket (for clothed version), collar parts (for clothed version), skirt, double-sided tape

Painted 1/5th scale ABS & PVC & Metal complete product with stand included. Approximately 311mm in height.

18+ item!

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Haruka Kaneshiro 1/5 Scale Figure
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