HANAYOME 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Kei Ishi Original Character
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"HANAYOME" Illustrated by Ishikei Sculpted In 3D!

IPopular nangaka and illustrator, Ishikei's illustration of "HANAYOME" sculpted and figurized.
Known for his taut chest and meaty waistline art style and characteristics, Ishikei's style has been reproduced well in this figure.

The breasts can be enjoyed both exposed and concealed.
In addition, the waistcloth is also cast off.
Feel free to display your bride according to your preferences.

Please welcome the adorable HANAYOME!

Accessories: Cloth Base and Interchangeable Partss

Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 150mm in length.

18+ item!

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HANAYOME 1/6 Scale Figure
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