GX-25R Garada K-7 & GX-26R Doubulas M-2

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Mazinger Z
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Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the debut of Mazinger Z on television comes this two-pack of revised and renewed portrayals of the famed "kikaiju" enemy robots Garada K-7 and Doublas M-2. Garada K-7's head-sickles and Doublas M-2's twisty necks have been revised to better capture their appearance from the anime.

[Set Contents] Garada K-7 Main Body, Garada K-7 head sickles(x2), Garada K-7 extension arm, Garada K-7 option hands (2 pairs), Garada K-7 eye missiles (L/R), Doublas M-2 Main Body, Doublas M-2 neck parts (x2), Doublas M-2 neck extension, Doublas M-2 option hands (1 pairs), Explanatory instruction booklet

Approximately 6.5" in height. 


* This item is limited to 3 per person.
GX-25R Garada K-7 & GX-26R Doubulas M-2
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