Grim Aloe Succubus Cheer Costume Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

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1/7 Scale Figure
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"Are you interested in me? Someone might get the wrong idea"
The Blocker Grim Aloe from the popular arcade game "BOMBERGIRL" is turned into a figure by AMAKUNI!
She is sculpted in a special costume designed just for the figure: a Succubus Cheer Costume!

The silhouette of her distinctive pigtails and the flow of the hair are sculpted in detail.
The sculptor i-con also made sure to recreate her slim build faithfully.

She has a devilish mark on her cute belly that will catch your eye, soft-looking thighs, small shoulders and a look on her face that perfectly conveys her provocative girlishness.
All of Grim Aloe's charm is concentrated in the sculpture.

She is wearing a cheerleader costume to cheer her master on.
The costume is also sculpted with care, including the pompoms she is holding, the creases in the fabric, the suggestive skirt and the shoes.

Be sure to welcome Grim Aloe in this charming Succubus Cheer Costume to have her cheer you on all the time!

Painted 1/7th scale PVC & ABS product with stand included. Approximately 210mm in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Grim Aloe Succubus Cheer Costume Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure
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